Simple Ideas for Busy Married couples to add some FUN into their Marriage.

So what does it mean to have fun together as a married couple? I think it means taking some time out of your busy schedule, getting away from the routine, and enjoying each other’s company

It means making some memories together.

So this month I want to challenge you to do something fun with your husband at least once a week. 
Plan it, make it a priority, and do it. That’s it – just once a week, for the next month. Are you in?
  • Take a bike ride
  • Watch a funny movie
  • Put on some music and dance
  • Play a game
  • Visit an amusement park or a zoo
  • Work out together
  • Go out to dinner
  • Have a fight with Nerf or water guns
  • Work on a project together
  • Take a walk
  • Go out for coffee or ice cream
  • Go bowling
  • Go to a concert
  • Play cards or another game
  • Take a day trip
  • Go to a fair or carnival
  • Make plans for an outing or trip
  • Try a new sport
  • Play miniature golf
  • Visit a state park, trail or nature area