David and Tamela Mann Are Headed To Reality TV.

Via Sister2SisterMag 

David and wife Tamela Mann began their careers as part of Kirk Franklin & the Family. Later Tyler Perry cast them in his play and film Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea Goes to Jail. That success led Tyler to cast the couple in “Meet the Browns.”
What’s next for the Manns? Could the dynamic duo soon be playing themselves in a reality TV series? Find out in the October 2013 issue and get a peek below.

Calvin: Tell me about the new reality series.
David: It’s called ‘Meet the Manns.’ Everybody knows Cara and Mr. Brown, but with this you get to see my family.
Tamela: Just wacky!
Calvin: Tamela, your husband is very funny. Does he make you laugh, too?
Tamela: Yes, all the time! It’s hard to be mad at him.
David: She can manage it sometimes!
Tamela: Well, I didn’t say I didn’t get mad.
David: We really didn’t want to do it at first. And not knocking any other reality shows, but we just didn’t think we had the drama for a reality show. So we were like, “No, because we don’t fuss and argue with each other and go crazy.” So we said, “If you can let us resolve issues in the family and show positive love, then we’ll do one.” We just want to show people that you can have a great relationship between husband and wife. If you put us in any situation, it’s gonna be crazy!

The Manns open up about their kids, Tyler Perry, Kirk Franklin and more in the October 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.