Wives Need Respect Just as Much as Husbands Do.

Respect is a Required Ingredients in a Marriage.
The need for a husband to respect his wife is just as important as a wife respecting her husband.
Respect includes time, work, and aspirations. 
Whenever a husband fails to be a partner to his wife in every area of her life, he is showing that he does not respect her responsibilities. One of the joys of marriage should be the knowledge that we are not alone in anything. In every aspect of life I have someone cheering me on.

He speaks to her and about her with respect. 
Communication is often the easiest way to identify if someone respects another. It is fair for a spouse to expect to be talked to and talked about in a respectful way. A husband should talk about his wife in a way that honors her, and protects her weaknesses and privacy. He should also talk to her in a way that reveals the deep love and admiration he has for her. 
People I respect influence me. 
I can’t help it. Because I hold them in such high admiration, I am changed because of them. If a husband is not influenced by his spouse, he does not respect her. We may see things differently and understand things differently. A wise husband sees his wife as his greatest ally in business, family, and life. 

He nourishes a healthy emotional relationship with her. 
For some men this is easy. For others it is very difficult. Yet because I respect my spouse, I desire to give her what she needs. I am not fully responsible for everything she needs, but there are many things which can only come from me. It is a sign of respect when a husband lets down his guard and allows his wife to have full access to his heart—what he is thinking, feeling, fearing, desiring, etc. 
Respect is a vital part of any relationship. It is a necessary aspect of a healthy marriage. Where respect is present, problems are negotiable, communication is helpful, and compassion is abounding. Where respect is absent, everything is toxic.
Husbands, love your wives by developing a deep respect for them.