Congratulations ~ Michael Jai White Celebrated His Second Anniversary With His Wife Gillian.

Michael Jai White, is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors and martial artists best known for his high-profile roles in Black Dynamite, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married, For Better Or For Worse, The Dark Knight and Spawn. 

Actor Michael Wedded Gillian Waters In Thailand in July of 2015.

“My life is the best it’s EVER been because of this woman,” shared Michael about his wife Gillian White. “A day late on here, but Happy Anniversary to my wife and my best friend @sogillmatic.”

Gillian couldn’t pick just one word to describe how much joy Michael brings to her life so she decided to include several instead to express her feelings about their love. 
“Happy Anniversary to my husband @officialmichaeljai! Thank you for filling my world with every HAPPY synonym in Roget’s Thesaurus !!!!!” she shared.

“I feel like I’m one of the luckiest people on Earth,” says White. 

Being once a single father, White began to understand the challenges of what so many Black mothers face on a daily basis put things into perspective and became a catalyst for White to aggressively pursue his acting career. 
“I got to see what struggle really was, so I had to work hard to overcome it.”

“Being a former schoolteacher, I do a lot of work with at-risk kids and work on motivating them to go get education and prosper from that point on,” says White, who found his voice as an actor though his work as an educator.
“I feel that there are people in our communities who really don’t feel that they deserve clean bills of health. I really try to encourage Black people to respect their bodies and work out. I live as an example of someone who believes in physical fitness and being healthy.”

Because, he adds, “we’re descendants of the strongest of the strong, and I believe that’s something to be very proud of. We are worthy of so, so much.”
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. White.