21 Happy Marriage Tips That You Can Use Right Now.

1. Say thank you at least once a day.

2. Do something for your partner that you did when you were newlyweds.

3. Get active together.

4. Reintroduce meaningful conversation into your relationship.

5. Treat your spouse with respect and admiration in public.

6. When you and your partner are at odds, ask if he'd like to go for a walk to hash things out. 

7. Learn how to let things go.

8. Learn how to ask nicely~ Choose Your Words Carefully.

9. Sneak in a morning snuggle & kiss.

10. Take much needed time for yourself.

11. Write a love letter or e-mail.

12. Work to improve yourself.

13. Always put your marriage first.

14. Keep your word.

15. Share a hobby.

16. Start movie nights.

17. Laugh together.

18. Acknowledge and praise your Spouse.

19. Escape for the weekend.

20. Perform small acts of kindness.

21. Make your bedroom a fight-free zone.