Happily Married Devon Franklin and Meagan Good Celebrate 5 Years of Marriage.

It’s their anniversary….
It seems like yesterday DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good got married, but today they are celebrating 5 years as husband and wife. To kick off their 5 year anniversary, Devon took his Wife on a hot air balloon ride. 

Via DeVon Franklin on Facebook
June 16 at 8:51am
"I told her when we got married 5 years ago that we would experience life on another level! Today I took her hot air ballooning to start the day. The only problem was: she's afraid of heights! New year, new adventure! She faced her fear and found: freedom! Face your fears today! @meagangood #anniversary #nofear"

The actress exchanged vows with the preacher and movie exec on a Saturday evening 5 years ago at Creek Winery in Malibu, California.

“DeVon makes me better, makes my life fuller, and completes my quality of life,” Good said back then. “He’s truly on my team and I am truly on his. God revealed my heart to him like nobody else.” 

Via Meagan,  “It’s been a journey.. I’ve been all about Him.. and then I’ve been rebellious,” Good revealed on Instagram about the process that it took for her to get married. 

“I’ve been obedient and seeking him and I’ve been hard-headed and tried to do it my way, but it all had to happen this way in order for me to get to where I am now.

I can halfway fathom the depths of God’s love for me – because he sent me you,” she wrote. “You are my partner in purpose..,my best friend…your essence has helped refine the woman that I already was in spirit- to manifest in the flesh.”
Added Franklin, “I’ve never had more peace, fun, and joy than I’ve had with her.”

The couple went on their first date after they worked together on Jumping the Broom, and have been together ever since.

 Happy Anniversary!