Fantasia ~ I knew when He Prayed for Me.

Fantasia Barrino and her husband, Kendall Taylor, were a vision of love during their romantic beachside anniversary dinner. The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary this week with delicious desserts, champagne and roses.
The former American Idol winner, who as a 19-year-old single mother, belted her way to victory in 2004, shared some intimate moments from their dinner labeling them as “#The Definition Of…Love” in honor of her new album title.
The details of their whirlwind romance that led to her sudden walk down the aisle after meeting in a nightclub.
“Everything changed when I met him,” the 32-year-old told Billboard. “I just knew [he was the one]. I was getting ready to go on the road, and he got on his knees and said, ‘Can I pray for you? I just want to cover for you down the road.'”

Fantasia says their connection was intense but they chose to remain celibate until their wedding night.
“In the time I’d been fasting from relationships, I asked God for ­someone to pray for me — ­someone that could cover me and my kids (Dallas, 4, and Zion, 14) and be the man of the house. That’s when I knew.”
She and Kendall recently celebrated their one year anniversary and are as committed as ever to living happily ever after.

During the Christmas 2016 day, Fantasia and Kendall renewed their vows in a beautiful ceremony.
“I Love You so much that I’d do it over and over and over again!” she posted the day after Christmas. 
“When I met You, I just never knew!! It’s almost like I may have known you in another life. Like this love has happened before and that’s how it works so well between us because we’ve been here before.”
Congratulations to the Happy Couple.