Darry & Lisa Barnett 30 Year Vow Renewal

Pictures: Wedding Day: September 10, 1984
30 Year Vow Renewal Ceremony: September 13, 2014
Celebration Attire: September 13, 2014 

This is the wedding dress I wore 30 years ago. It used to white but the color changed over the years. Just like any marriage, over the years, it has changed too. Before I stored my gown, I had it dry cleaned and preserved to keep the color and to prevent damage. Well, I had a few spots on my gown that appeared during storage; however, the gown was more important to me than the spots and I wanted to wear it. Like marriage, you must choose what's more important, the problems (spots) in the marriage or the marriage itself. Spots are inevitable, and no one, no matter how you try, can avoid them. There is a great spot remover and His name is Jesus! Right before our vow renewal, I had my seamstress to alter my gown. Some things were taken off and cut away, the puffy shoulder and the sleeves were removed. She made my gown an A lined dress, not to mention, I modified my hat to a head band and kept my original veil. It all needed an upgrade. 

However, my foundation (which is the waistline and up) she couldn't change it. She said if she needed to change the waistline (foundation) then I should just buy another gown. Just like marriage, sometimes, there are things that needs to be taken out and cut away in order to upgrade and improve your marriage; however, don't throw your marriage away. Your foundation must remain in tact. It gives your marriage its true identity while everything else is changing. You should be able to rely on what you initially built your relationship on. 

The foundation must stay intact. The foundation, like in my gown, which is the waistline, is like the belt of truth in the "whole" armor of God. The belt of truth keeps everything intact. You must have truth in your foundation or it is subject to fail! ~Blessings.....