Couple’s Dying 2-Year-Old Son Serves As Best Man For Their Wedding


Logan Stevenson, 2-Year-Old Who Served As Parents' Best Man, Dies Of Leukemia
A terminally ill 2-year-old western Pennsylvania boy who served as his parents' best man at their wedding last weekend has died, according to his mother's Facebook page and a family friend.
Christine Swidorsky Stevenson's Facebook post said little Logan Stevenson died Monday night in her arms at the home she shared with the boy's father, her new husband, Sean Stevenson. The couple live in Jeannette, about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, and were wed Saturday at a ceremony at their home.
The boy, who had leukemia and other complications, was dressed in a tan pinstripe suit and orange shirt for the wedding. His mother carried him on her shoulder, before he stood and was held by his grandmother, Debbie Stevenson, to witness the 12-minute ceremony.
A family spokeswoman, Sylvia Johnson of Youngwood, confirmed Logan's death for The Associated Press on Tuesday. She later released a brief statement from his parents saying: "Logan passed away at 8:18 yesterday evening, surrounded by his family and loved ones. He was very comfortable."
via Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Christine Swidorsky walked slowly toward her bridegroom, carrying the couple’s precious best man.
She struggled to hold back tears as she held 2-year-old Logan, his medical equipment and a bouquet of orange and yellow flowers.
She and Sean Stevenson shared an emotional moment at the altar with their terminally ill son before their hastily planned wedding in the backyard of their Jeannette home.
“It’s just going to be one of those things that you remember all your life,” Stevenson said afterward. “It means the world to me. We’re just blessed every day that he’s here with us.”
Logan watched his parents marry in a bittersweet 12-minute ceremony as his tearful grandmother, Debbie Stevenson, held him.
On July 26, doctors told his parents that Logan has a few weeks to live.  The couple abandoned their original plan to marry in July 2014.
Their impromptu planning turned into a whirlwind of donations and condolences from around the world as a result of an article in Wednesday’s Tribune-Review.
“It’s been exciting. It’s been fun,” said Christine Swidorsky Stevenson after the ceremony.
The family used the nuptials to celebrate Logan’s life. He has acute myeloid leukemia and has endured a stem cell transplant and the loss of a kidney and also suffers fromFanconi anemia, a rare disease that often leads to cancer.  A test last month revealed a cancerous mass on his remaining kidney.
Many of the 120 guests at the wedding wiped tears and smiled sadly as the boy shared a dance with his mother. Stevenson swayed slowly and stroked Logan’s head while singing along to Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up.”