My Husband Is My Best Friend Couple Feature - Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dancy

Travia Dancy
To my love, Mr. Ron Dancy,

I love your thoughtfulness, your boldness, your kindness, your personality, your character, your strength, your integrity, the love that you show and give to me... but most of all, I love your concern that God approves your efforts on how you treat me. 

I am blessed and truly appreciate you... praying that I have God's stamp of approval in your needs and desires. When you pray I listen in awh amazement... Faith has gifted me with more than I've ever imagined or dreamed.

God saw us cross each others path over 33 years ago while we were children. He knew our future. You never knew about the crush I had on you. 
(Those eyes were hypnotizing)...... Amazing how God allowed our family's to be friends, as close as family, and love each other before we ever thought there would be a "you and me" or even a "Husband and Wife." 

I got the chance to see your eyes again in July, 3 years ago, when we laughed about old times and it was comfortable. I love that you offered me new times, the chance at seeing your eyes for the rest of our lives and making it official 2 years ago on this date 10-10-10.