Janet Jackson Retiring From The Entertainment Business

 Photo by world-renowned photographer, Marco Glaviano.

Janet Jackson Retiring From The Entertainment Business To Convert To Islam

Via Showbizz 411 reports:

Rob Shuter tells Fox 5 News that Jackson is moving to the Middle East and is 

converting to Islam.

“As fans all around the world collectively clutch their pearls, reports are surfacing that you may NEVER see Janet Jackson’s abs, boobs or Poetic Justice braids again. Apparently, after secretly marrying her billionaire husband, Wissam Al Mana, Ms. Jackson…if you’re Nasty…made the made the decision to walk away from Hollywood. And now supposedly this chick went and converted to Islamic culture.

A source told Showbiz 411, “She’s gone. She married a billionaire. They’ve got houses in three countries. She’s spending time in the Middle East. She’s become a Muslim.”

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that the True You author Janet, who’s had her life in the hands of critics and gossip columnists since she was a kid, would opt for a quiet opulent life. And we can’t even be mad about it…a billionaire and your life becoming one big vacation away from the foolishness that sometimes overtakes this industry? Slightly jealous now that we think about it….

While Justin Timberlake is seeing the best sales of his career, it could be argued that America never really embraced Janet after the nipplegate debacle at Superbowl 2004. Her music career became a snooze fest, she had to downgrade her concert tours from arenas to concert halls and no one in Hollywood came calling (except Tyler Perry).

But it doesn’t look like Janet is planning to go completely into hiding…at least not yet. From the looks of it, she’ll remain dedicated to her causes, such as fundraising for AIDS research with amFAR. She recently tweeted about an auction for fans to spend time with her at the Cannes Film Festival in May to raise money for the foundation.”


  1. well I hate that she will not be performing anymore we all really miss her very much and we love her but I respect her wishes we will always love you Janet best of luck to you and your husband and A continued happy life together

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