Happy Anniversary- My Husband Is My Best Friend Anniversary Feature

*******HAPPY ANNIVERSARY********
Happy 24th Anniversary to my husband 
who is also my boyfriend, girlfriend, #1 supporter, favorite movie buddy (He's my Wyatt and I'm his Doc *smile*), unofficial psychologist, personal cheerer upper and BFF for life!
We were just kids when we married and the odds were stacked so high.. statistically, against us. 
However, God had a plan...25 years (total) and 4 daughters later...here we are! 
I love and admire him so much for having served this country and for the loving, 
protectant father he is to our daughters. 
He continues to inspire us with his positive spin on things and AMAZES me with his day to day survival of our household filled with estrogen, often (involuntarily)serving as referee and mediator on the usual mother/daughter disputes that he tries so hard to stay out of (poor thing). 
There is absolutely no word, created to date, that is able to describe the love that I have for this man. *Blessed* is what I am, to have him as my soulmate.